Emotional Well-Being Ultimatum Self-Mastery Course

Learn How to Strategically Manifest More Hope, Happiness and Joy in Your Life, Love and Leadership

Isn't it time you lived from joy -- no matter how busy you are?

In this module I will teach you more about the sciences of happiness and hope, and how complex they actually are! You'll also learn how to find ways to bring more joy in your life -- every day, week, month and year -- through my koshas of well-being framework for living well. I have shared this framework at research conferences, and use it to train coaches in my ICHWC-approved coach training programs. You'll discover how this framework can help you anytime you need to bring a little more joy into difficult situations -- whether they are in your life or in someone you care about's life at work or home.

This self-paced course is part of the Well-Being Ultimatum Self-Mastery series -- an all-new online program developed by Dr. Carmack to bring her 5-star (Amazon) Well-Being Ultimatum (2015) book to life with updated strategies and science.

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Dr. Suzie Carmack, PhD, MFA, MED, ERYT
Dr. Suzie Carmack, PhD, MFA, MED, ERYT

"Dr. C" is an author and interdisciplinary scholar, strategist and speaker who is passionate about helping individuals, teams, schools and organizations to thrive in our fast-paced, 24/7 world. She is the author of Well-Being Ultimatum (2015) and Genius Breaks (2017), and has been a socialpreneur (entrepreneur dedicated to social change and civic action) since 2007. As an international workshop presenter and CEC provider, she has trained over 3000 one:one and organization clients in Yoga, Pilates and Fitness since 1997; Yoga and Pilates teachers and teacher-trainers since 2006; and Integrative Health and Well-Being Coaches since 2013. Since 2011, she has also taught well-being, stress management, integrative health coaching, and communication courses for George Mason University. Her applied research agenda explores the ways that mindfulness, movement, and meaning (communication) practices can address the widespread epidemic of burnout and compassion fatigue in healthcare, education, and other professional fields. Dr. C holds a PhD in health communication; an MEd in health and kinesiology; an MFA in theatre, and is a CEC provider and trainer of teachers for the Yoga Alliance (ERYT, YACEP); Pilates Method Alliance and American Council on Exercise. Learn more about how you can join Dr. C in moving yourself, and the world to well-being, at www.DrSuzieCarmack.com

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Thank you for your interest in this course, which is one of 8 courses in the Well-Being UltimatumSelf-Mastery series -- an all-new online program developed by Dr. Carmack to bring her 5-star (Amazon) Well-Being Ultimatum (2015) book to life with updated strategies and science. If you have questions about the course, or would like to bring the course to your organization as a training tool (for a flat fee) please reach out to us at letsgetcentered (a) gmail.com. We would be happy to speak with you.